Cerec Crowns

One of the latest advances that has been incorporated in our dental office is CAD/CAM technology. CAD/CAM stands for “computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing.” This technology has tremendous implications and uses for dentistry. For example, in order to restore a person’s broken tooth or teeth, a dentist with CEREC CAD/CAM technology can place beautiful, all-ceramic restorations like inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and bridges in a single visit or two visit.

By using this technology the tooth preparations are digitally scanned, 3D images on the computer are used to custom design your crowns in office, 3D printers are used to mill the ceramic crowns in office and finally processing , custom glazing and staining are all performed in-office within few hours.



To make your visit quicker and smoother please download and fill out the following forms. Click the pdf icon to download the forms.